Cathy B.
Cathy S.

People Who Care

Eden’s pasta making facility has been continuously producing pasta daily since 1923. In 1982 Eden purchased this pasta factory. In 1989 the EDEN® Organic Pasta Company (EOPC) became North America’s first third-party certified organic food processing facility. EOPC now makes EDEN® Organic Pasta in 25 delectable shapes, colors, and flavors, distributed in retail stores throughout the U.S., Canada, and beyond. The pasta boxes come in three different colors depending on whole grain content: GOLD boxes are 100% whole grain, BLUE boxes are 60% whole grain, and GREEN boxes are patent durum and semolina, non whole grain. Each box has a recipe and a picture of EOPCs most important asset, its People Who Care.

Cathy B., Cathy S., Clifford, Donny, Joshua, Maria, Natasha, Odess, Patrick, Robert, Shane, and Shawn.

Their dedication shines in small and large ways every day.

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