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It Starts With The Grain

EOPC relies on three pillars for making its superb pasta: traditional old world methods, a skilled and dedicated crew, and having the finest ingredients to work with.

In the beginning years of EOPC, Mr. Bernard Pease of Montana, a pioneer American organic farmer, introduced 'Golden Amber' durum wheat to Eden. Durum, the hardest wheat, is renowned as the world's best pasta making grain, and Mr. Pease grew the finest, highest protein durum Eden had ever seen.

In later years Eden would discover additional grains that made excellent pasta. USA organic Kamut®, Rye, Brown Rice, Buckwheat, Spelt, and high altitude Ecuadorian Quinoa. All of this grain is organically grown by Salt of the Earth family farmers like Bob Quinn, Fred Kirschenmann, Carl Dahl, Jim Robinson, the Lundberg family, and brothers Jeff and Steve Booms.

Arriving straight from the farm, most of the grain used at EOPC is freshly ground at Eden's Clinton, Michigan AIB rated Superior mill. Patent (sifted) durum flour and durum semolina are prepared for Eden at a certified organic mill in North Dakota.

The Future

2010 marks the 87th year of continuous pasta making at 9104 Culver, and the plant's 28th year as the Eden Organic Pasta Company. EOPC now makes EDEN® Organic Pasta in 25 delectable shapes, colors, and flavors, and is distributed in retail stores throughout the U.S., Canada, and beyond. The pasta boxes come in three different colors depending on whole grain content: GOLD boxes are 100% whole grain, BLUE boxes are 60% whole grain, and GREEN boxes are patent durum and semolina non-whole grain. Each box has a recipe and a picture of EOPCs most important asset, its People Who Care ... Cathy B. • Cathy S. • Cody • Joshua • Odess • Robert • Rosanne • Steve, and Tasha. Their dedication shines in small and large ways every day.

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