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The Eden Organic Pasta Company

In the mid 1970s, Eden Foods then based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, was looking for more ways to offer its customers organic and whole grain foods. Pasta seemed like a logical progression. Eden found the Schmidt Noodle Company in the Yellow Pages and asked them to try making a Whole Grain Spaghetti. After some tinkering with the flour it was a success.

Eden purchased the pasta plant in 1982, and in 1989 it became North America's first independently third-party certified organic food processing facility. Through the years the Eden Organic Pasta Company (called EOPC for short) has maintained the Schmidt's original, vintage Italian equipment and traditional small batch methods.

In Love With Creaky Floors...and More

Running an "antique" food processing facility with all of its old equipment is a unique undertaking. The first EOPC plant managers, Jim Fox and David Brand, each moved on to other Eden operations as the company grew, but they look back at their EOPC years with fondness and some amusement at the daily challenges (mechanical and otherwise) that never left them bored.

When current plant manager Steve Swaney first saw EOPC, he felt it was destiny. As he told the Detroit News, "I fell in love with the place because of the creaky floors and old way of making pasta." In his 21 years (and running) at the plant, it turns out Steve would fall in love with more than creaky wooden floors. He and EOPC Assistant Manager, Rosanne, were married in 2000.

Highest Food Safety Recognition

At the turn of the century EOPC met its greatest challenge. In 2001 Eden Foods sought membership with AIB International. Through this program all of Eden's U.S. facilities are inspected and rated for food safety and sanitation by strict third party AIB inspectors.

At first inspector Roy Molter said that EOPC would never get a Superior rating (AIB's highest) due to the age of the facility. Through dogged determination the entire staff proved him wrong. EOPC earned its first 'impossible' Superior AIB rating in April 2005, and again in 2006 and 2008.

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